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Mike & Shauna Jones

Mike & Shauna Jones


Sassy Lashes LV

Co-owners Mike and Shauna Jones are what makes Sassy Lashes truly unique. The husband-and-wife duo use their unparalleled attention to detail to run their business professionally and to empower clients through beautiful, custom lash artistry.

Shauna received her certification in lash application in 2012. Since then her goal has been giving clients access to the highest quality lash services while raising the standard in the eyelash extension industry for safe and individualized application as well as skilled training for all lash artists.

Mike and Shauna’s part in the daily operations of Sassy Lashes is both hands-on and creative. Whether they’re selecting the best décor or hand-picking supplies for the Sassy retail boutique, they take pride in what we do at Sassy Lashes. Many clients become members of the Sassy Lash family for life, and that’s no surprise when Mike and Shauna always go the extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction.